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Sarah Cornforth is the Queen of Organisation and no matter how disorganised you feel right now (whether you feel like a total lost cause or not) then she's your lady.  She's got me with a lovely, tidy inbox, an addiction to Trello and made my business management, outsourcing and day to day admin an absolute dream ❤ xx


Sarah is so super organised and with so many things going on in my business her support is vital to keep things running smoothly. If you need to get more organised then listen to Sarah, she knows what she's talking about. Kate xx


I signed up to receive Sarah's free Trello course as I am someone who gets overwhelmed easily by technology and can devote hours to just trying to figure something out, feeling in every moment that I am wasting time. Sarah's course was exactly what I needed, a series of bite sized videos to guide you through something which is an absolute gem in terms of getting everything in one place and pulling everything together in an organised way. Yes, it is simple to use, but Sarah's explanation and easy to follow instructions made it sooo much easier, and I know I will have them to refer back to should I need to. I often download freebies and don't make use of them or read them but I am so pleased I gave some time to this one, it has demystified a lot of things and saved me time and angst in the process. Thanks Sarah! :-


I have always been searching for a way of organising my brain - a big task that Sarah, The Productivity Princess, made easy peasy with her awesome free Trello course! The free programme offers so much value and has changed the way I organise my business. Sarah's teaching style is clear and easy to follow and the programme is broken into small videos which makes it easy to implement bit by bit. This programme has helped me and my business a lot. I now have a Trello board for EVERTHING in my life - even the shopping! Thank you Sarah for this fantastic resource. Emma x"


I am the first to admit that I had a chaotic, unorganised mind and I thought it would always be like that but working with Sarah had helped me declutter, get organised and finally feel productive. She's a miracle worker and I would highly recommend her productivity princess super powers xx


Sarah’s newsletters are THE best that I receive and I’m pretty choosy - no-one wants a mailbox full of spammy stuff.  They are literally bursting with inspiration and top tips for being more organised and more productive.   I also followed her 28 Day Productivity Challenge which gave us daily challenges for a whole month - really eye opening and I learned some really useful hints on organisation without being regimented for life and biz. The free support group has also been a source of inspiration, good ideas and shared experiences. I was surprised by the tips on NOT doing things - freeing up time and space for creativity.  I love that!  I recently purchased her mini course on finances which is not my favourite subject, I admit. So far, I have learned that less and little and often is more. There are some pretty nifty resources in there too.  Next year I won't be doing my tax returns at the last minute.  Thank you Sarah. You rock at productivity and organisation without being starchy and stifling.  I’m a fan. And I never thought I’d say - as a creative person - that organisation doesn’t have to be boring. 


Sarah knows her stuff. I don't know how she is always on top of everything but she is, and has fabulous tips on being organised, productivity, focus and getting things done.  But above all the way in which she delivers it is what makes her stand out:  always helpful, heart centred and fun.  C x


Following Sarah's wonderful advice and productivity tips I now have much more structure to my day. She has a way of breaking things down so that it is no longer overwhelming and very do-able. I was a bit of a disorganised mess and very frustrated but now feeling more zen about my daily tasks. She definitely is a productivity princess for sure. Thanks Sarah xx