Shelly Thompson

Sarah, your newsletters are 'spot on' especially the one this week on 'Social Media being a time drain'
There was so much value in what you were saying. I really need to automate my platforms and am aware of how much time I waste and that's just FB. Imagine my surprise when I found you had included all sorts of tips to help my be more productive. 
I have to say I have honestly not heard o some of them or for that matter never even thought of them.
Thank you for providing great quality content to my inbox again and again


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Kathy Payne - Natural Health & Fertility Coach

I'm afraid I'm guilty of signing up for freebies and then immediately unsubscribing. I'm really busy and haven't time to read stacks of newsletters. The newsletter from Sarah at The Productivity Princess is one of few exceptions. It is my favourite newsletter. It is rammed with value week after week - tips, hints, videos, inspirations, recommendations. offers and more - all aimed at improving productivity, time management and efficiency. It also looks fantastic. And it's easy to read. I'd urge any biz owners, consultants, and contractors to sign up - you're bound to learn loads.

Kathy Payne

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Sara Bulter - The Inner Slimmer

I subscribe to all sorts. I get tempted in by promises of how I could be a better cook, or Mother or biz owner … or how I could be prettier, richer or nicer to myself. And because of that, I end up with a gazillion newsletters in my inbox. 

They usually hang around unopened for a few weeks before being unceremoniously deleted. I kid myself I’ll get ‘round to reading them, but I rarely do. 

Sarah’s newsletter was one of those at first. Until one day, something prompted me to actually open one and read it. Boy, am I glad I did. 

Sarah’s newsletters are packed with really, really useful, useable, super implementable tips and advice. I have literally changed several processes in my business as a result of what Sarah has introduced me to, saving lots of time and ultimately £££s (I also feel a lot more organised and calmer). 

Sarah’s weekly productivity tips are now one of only 4 newsletters I religiously open and devour. 
Thanks Sarah

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