Planning the week ahead

Bullet Journal for the Week Ahead

Here's my Bullet Journal for the week ahead. 

Something really important about this layout is that I've not planned the whole week ahead just yet. As you can see, Monday is sorted......I know exactly what I'm doing all day and I have a couple of regular tasks entered into the rest of the week. But what I try to avoid is planning 'to the minute' of everyday ahead of me, as that just sets me up for failure. 

⭐I know what I want to achieve this week. 
⭐I know my deadlines, appointments and availability. 

And with this information, I can make flexible decisions on the rest of my week. 

❤️My week is productive, without being constrained
❤️I don't ever feel trapped by my planning
❤️And this allows me to work on different tasks depending on my mood 

As I work my way through today, I start to add tasks into tomorrow. This allows me to schedule based on today's progress and any changes in priority. 

So if you find that you plan ahead with all the best intentions, but then your plans don't.......well......go to plan. Then maybe you need a way to plan and schedule your week with a bit more flexibility. 

Remember, you're in control of your schedule. What you put in there is completely up to you. 

Sarah ❤️