I spent 45 minutes choosing this picture!

Email Management

Take a look at this picture. 

What would you think if I told you it took me 45 minutes of searching through my image source to decide it was right for my needs? 

Would you think:

⭐Surely I've got better things to do with your time?
⭐or that I have real issues when it comes to making decisions?


Now, what if I told you that I deliberately took a long time to choose this image? 

You would want to know why right? 

Ok, I'm glad you asked. 

This is the image that I'm going to use to help convey my message about the content for next month's Zen Productivity topic titled Managing Your Email without Losing Your Sanity, and to do that, I have a few things to consider:

⭐My brand
⭐My audience
⭐My topic

My brand isn't conventional when it comes to the productivity industry, so I need to think outside of the box a little. 

My audience isn't conventional either, and borning images of the inside of someone email inbox don't peak their interest (or mine)

And my topic is something that a lot of business owners avoid - yup I'm talking to you. They know they need to get to grips with email management but they push it to the bottom of the list and move it from week to week again and again. 

So why did I deliberately take my time to pick this image? 

⭐To get it right first time
⭐To not have to rethink this later
⭐To not miss opportunities because I rushed the decision

You see, productivity isn't about doing things quicker. 
It's about:

❤️Doing things right so they don't have to be re-done in the future. 
❤️Taking your time with the important stuff
❤️Not rushing and giving yourself permission to take your time

Sarah ❤️

P.S. Managing Your Email goes live inside the Zen Productivity Membership Group on 2nd October. It costs £15 a month to be part of the club, and you can cancel at any time with no questions asked. Click HERE to find out more.