Be More Cat

Be More Cat

Sometimes it's necessary to take a leaf out of my cat's book and take a break....which may or may not include a nap. (btw this is my gorgeous kitty cat Schnaggles).

I know that I've been working quite hard or pushing a little too much when I wake up feeling groggy and not quite 'with it'. 

As someone who has burned out many times in the past, I am very careful not to continue to push. Instead, I complete my essential work for the day, and then step back, giving myself room to breathe. It's always nice to reward myself with an afternoon to just do whatever I feel like doing. 

If I'm feeling quite drained then this could just involve Netflix and herbal tea. If I'm feeling restless, then I would probably go for a mountain bike ride or a hike. 

I can do this because I plan ahead. I'm always aware of my deadlines and my appointments. And I listen to the needs of my body and mind. 

Stepping away isn't lazy. It's essential and taking time out usually results in feeling normal and raring to go the next day. 

Sarah ❤️