No-Nonsense Business Newsletters

No-Nonsense Business Newsletters

Your business newsletters needn't be a nightmare, let’s cut out the nonsense and make consistently communicating with your crowd a breeze. 

⭐ You want to build a relationship with your audience with a regular business newsletter without feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and time poor. 

⭐ How fantastic would it be to do this week after week or month after month like clockwork? 

⭐ Imagine helping, supporting and enriching the lives of your readers each time you drop into their inbox.

After working with creative & work from home entrepreneurs and helping them to get super organised, I understand how important it is to have a simple solution to help you keep in touch with your audience on a regular basis.


  • You’ve never used an email marketing system before and don’t know where to start
  • The tech scares the pants off you, I mean ‘what if you do something wrong?’
  • You’ve had a go at email newsletters but struggled to stay consistent
  • It all takes way too long and you need a simple solution that will free up your time
  • You don’t know what to write about and really struggle to come up with ideas 
  • You would love to send out a newsletter which looks and feels right for your business 
  • You worry no one will read it so why bother
  • You wonder how everyone else can email great content week after week without breaking a sweat

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You’re not alone

Creating engaging business newsletters doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And in the beginning it didn’t come naturally to me either, nut I realised that getting organised and planning ahead was the key to making this task simple and enjoyable. 

Now I love sending my newsletters and get excited every time I hit send! 

Sending a regular business newsletter will allow you to;

  • Communicate with your crowd
  • Build relationships 
  • Let your audience see the real person behind the business
  • Share opportunities to work with you or buy from you 
  • Help, support and enrich the lives of your readers each time you drop into their inbox 

Hi, I’m Sarah! 

And I work with entrepreneurs just like you, helping them save time, get organised and feel in control of their businesses. 

⭐ Now, we both know that business newsletters are a great free marketing tool and something you should be regularly doing 

⭐ You probably know that keeping in touch with your audience will encourage that audience to grow and relationships to develop. 

⭐ And despite your best intentions this is still something you have found difficult to start or stick with. 

Does this sound familiar? 

 Just imagine…..

  • How good it will feel to know you are in regular contact with your audience
  • Being able to plan your newsletter content in advance with ease 
  • Having a branded newsletter template you can use again and again
  • Always having more than enough ideas for what to write about each week or month
  • Having step by step instructions to get you through the techy bits 
  • Understanding what your audience wants to hear from you, so you can give them more of the same
  • Following a super slick process allowing you to publish your newsletter quickly
  • Using content you already write and create so you’re not reinventing the wheel every time you draft your next newsletter

Introducing No-Nonsense Newsletters

⭐ This is an online programme giving you instant access to a private members area where you can go through the programme material and YOUR own pace.

⭐ I will show you step by step how to come up with content ideas, decide what to include each month, create a branded template and stay organised and consistent from the moment you send your first newsletter. 

⭐ You will also have access to a private Facebook group, where I will be hanging out to support you on your journey. I will also be live in the group each month so you can go ahead and ask me anything. 

Let’s take a look at the programme in more detail…..

Module 1 - What to Talk About

Here we work out what can go into your business newsletter and how to brainstorm your ideas. I’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started too. 

Module 2 - Look and Feel

In this section, we examine the anatomy of a newsletter and work out how you want your own business newsletter to look and feel. Together we will review some examples to get those creative juices flowing. 

Module 3 - Making Some Important Decisions

Not sure when or how often you want to send your newsletter? Let me walk you through the decision process in a way that makes sure you can maintain your commitment to your audience. 

Module 4 - Getting Started with Mailchimp

Here I show you step by step how to get started with Mailchimp including setting up your account, getting your current contact list ready, creating a branded newsletter template, scheduling your first newsletter, creating sign up forms to grow your lists and setting up a welcome automation to say hi to your newest readers. 

Module 5 - Managing Newsletter Signups

In this module, we look at the different ways you can add new readers to your email list and we look in detail at the types of sign up options you can use. 

Module 6 - Getting Organised and Staying Productive

This is my favourite part as getting organised is the thing that’s going to keep you consistent. Here we will look at planning your content in advance, tracking the time you spend working on your newsletters and how to create the perfect time saving newsletter process. 

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I created this programme for entrepreneurs just like you who know that consistently keeping in touch with their audience is a great free marketing tool that should be tapped into. 

⭐ I know from my own experience that the best way to do this is to get organised and create a process which makes it easy to stay organised. 

⭐ Many business owners lack confidence when it comes to the tech and worry they might make a mistake. 

⭐ And creating a regular newsletter can be a source of stress and anxiety we just don’t need. 

 What’s Your Investment? 


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What happens after you join the programme? 

After you’ve hit the payment button you will receive an email with your login details for the member’s area giving you instant access to the programme content. 

You will also receive a welcome email from me explaining how to get the most out of the programme along with a link to join the Facebook group where you will get extra support and guidance as you need it. 

Not sure if the programme is right for you? 

The programme is for you if….

  • You want to send out a regular business newsletter but don’t know where to start
  • The tech for email marketing has your completely baffled
  • You have sent out a business newsletter in the past but have never managed to stay consistent
  • You want to use email marketing in your business
  • You want to grow your list and stay in regular contact with your crowd 

This programme is NOT for you if….

  • You’re not willing to invest a little bit of time right now to save you time in the future
  • You’re happy just sending out random stuff when you feel like it
  • You’re not bothered about staying in touch with your crowd or growing your list
  • You don’t believe that email newsletters are worth the effort


Do I need to use Mailchimp as my email marketing provider?

Not at all, you can use whichever email marketing provider you choose. The reason I have chosen Mailchimp for the tutorials is that it’s affordable with most businesses using the free version in the beginning.