How Working With a Designer Made Me More Productive

Working with a designer for my re-brand was the most productive thing I’ve ever done. Here’s why. 

How Working With a Designer Made Me More Productive

How Working with a Designer

Made me More Productive!

At the start, if the year I had the absolute pleasure of working with the gorgeously talented Vicki Nicolson from Branding Therapy. 

Since the birth of The Productivity Princess, the only thing that was right about the brand was the name. The look and feel didn’t fill my heart with joy, I still had a bit of website shame,  and most of all, it didn’t reflect who I was. 

So why was this making me so unproductive? 

Well, you know when something is just not quite right, and you can’t help but repeatedly tweak it until you then scrap it all and start again, and then repeat this cycle over and over? 


Well, that was me for most of 2016. The amount of time I spent faffing a tweaking and playing around with graphics (bearing in mind I‘m no graphic designer), could have been spent serving my crowd, creating new programmes or working for my clients. But instead, I spent waaaaay more time than I care to admit in Canva…..I even tried to teach myself Photoshop at one point until I realised that I was a little over ambitious with that goal. 

Taking the leap to outsource my baby!

Now, working with a designer, especially a good designer such as Vicki has a price tag. But I have to say I would have sold a kidney if I'd had to. It was such a relief to be in the hands of an expert who was not only super talented by also capable of understanding my garbled explanations of what I wanted from my brand was priceless. 

Experts are experts for a reason

Just as I am an expert at what I do, Vicki is an expert at what she does and watching Vicki bring my brand to life has been inspiring. 

The big change to my productivity 

So let’s talk productivity. How has this boosted how productive I am right now? 

Well, in so many different ways, to be honest. 

I have stopped faffing around with social media graphics and trying to create my brand anew in every image. 

I have guidelines which help me to use my colours in the right way, place my logo in the right spot and have consistency in everything I put out to my audience. 

I’m not constantly thinking that my brand is rubbish and therefore not beating myself up for not being skilled enough to fix it on my own. 

I’m no longer sat in front of Canva until my eyes lose their focus.  

I’m not spending my free time playing around with my branding because I could no longer justify doing it during my working day.

In fact, I’ve got my life back!

Can you believe this can have such a big effect?

Well, I promise you it can. 

And although I am talking about branding here, this is the same with any task we try and force ourselves to do outside of our own skill set. As business owners, we are incredibly versatile, and it’s easy to want to do it all, and that’s because we are more than capable of doing most of it. But the key word there is ‘most’. We cannot do it all, no one can. And outsourcing to an expert does not make us weak or unworthy. Quite the opposite. 

The big change to my creativity

Working with Vicki has been a real inspiration. She has encouraged me to think deeply about the ‘feeling’ of my brand. How I want it to make me feel and also how I want it to make my audience to feel. 

This has stayed with me, and features in every decision I make when I create an image for my blogs, newsletter or social media. 

I feel more creative as I now have the tools and guidelines I need to produce on-brand images. I am using colours I would never have thought of, images I would not have previously considered and it has opened up a whole new level of creative freedom for me.  

The big change to my business

Well, the changes to my business are enormous. And I would say that top of the list is consistency. Everything fits together so nicely now, and I can see this when I scroll down my Instagram feed and see the difference from before Jan 2017 and after. And wow what a difference! Take a look for yourself @the_productivity_princess

I’m creating content and developing my business much more than before as I have more time now I’m not reinventing my brand every other week. 

I’m less overwhelmed as it’s not on my mind, like a niggle that just won’t go away telling me that my brand looks rubbish. 

I feel like I’ve levelled up, as what you’re now seeing in my content, my website and social media platforms truly represents my message.

The brand is now in balance with the big bold beautiful statement I am trying to make when I ask you to join me on the journey of becoming more productive. 

And I want you to join me. I want to be your Productivity Princess. I want to show you everything I have learned, researched, read, tried and tested to help you become more productive than you are today. 

My message is now clear.

My direction is now set.

And I now have more time available to support you, to show you how productivity can be the best thing in your life. How it’s not a tool to beat yourself with but instead a friend who will hold your hand when things get tough, and you don’t know where to go next. 

Thank you for being part of my journey so far, and I hope that you can take some inspiration from my story of how working with a designer made me more productive. 

Have an awesome day! 

Sarah ❤️

Want to get this sort of freedom with your own business branding? 

Well as luck would have it, my designer and friend Vicki, has launched Beautiful Brand Bootcamp earlier this year and it could just be perfect for you! She runs you through design skills, shows you in lots of videos and workbooks how to go from a vague logo or brand idea in your head to a classy, designer standard full brand kit where you have a logo, fonts, colours, images - everything you need to show you are a professional branded business. The course itself has lots of videos and workbooks you can take at your own pace, even if you're not clear on what you want to do she shows you how to start learning what it is you like and building up your concepts from there. And, if you get stuck there's a Facebook Group where you can shout for help and Vicki will give you her advice too.

Find out more about it below - honestly, it’s a great course and its fantastic value. There's so much content!

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How Working With a Designer Made Me More Productive