How to Remove Energy Drains from Your Business

Energy drains can grind our productivity to a halt. Check out how I recently cleared out some of the physical and digital energy drains from my life and business, and how you can too. 

How to Remove Energy Drains from Your Business

How to Remove 

Energy Drains from Your Business

We all have things in our lives and in our businesses which drain us of our energy. It could be people, situations, tasks, commitments or the way we manage our time.

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There comes a time when we need to do something about these energy drains before we just grind to a halt. When left unmanaged they build up and accumulate and start to suffocate us.

  • Our creativity can become impaired.
  • Our stress levels start to rise.
  • And we generally just find getting stuff done harder to do.

A couple of weeks ago, I go to this stage, as I do regularly throughout the business year. I felt as though everything around me was taking something from me and nothing was getting put back in.

  • Clutter was starting to form in my home and office.
  • Things we're not as organised as I would have liked.
  • The give and take balance in some of my personal and business relationships was a little off.
  • Everything felt overwhelming.
  • And I couldn't remember the last time I felt truly creative and in the flow.

It was time for a change

Any sort of change usually involves:

  • Making some tough decisions
  • Having a bit of a wobble
  • And asking for advice and a bit of support

Struggling to let go

I'm a bit of a…..well, let's use the word 'collector'….as hoarder suggests I live in a house with rooms filled floor to ceiling with junk….and I don't.

However, I do tend to acquire things such as;

  • Information and knowledge
  • Documentaries
  • Yoga poses
  • Self-development books
  • Stationery
  • Scrapbooking items
  • Tarot and oracle cards
  • Crystals and shells
  • Anything with a llama on it
  • Productivity systems
  • Trello boards - yup I consider my monumental amount of Trello boards a collection
  • Books, books and more books
  • Leaflets from tourist information centres - I can't leave without at least one!
  • And mugs….really big oversized mugs!

 And now I've written it down, it looks kind of weird. 

My inner 'collector' finds it very hard to let go off things, whether they're physical items, situations which are bad for me, habits which need to go, or unnecessary work.

My clear out

Things have started building up for a while now, and I think the summer is a great time for a clear out. Here's the process I went through to remove unwanted, unnecessary and unneeded things from my business and life.

Closing my Free Facebook Group

This was a tough decision, as I've always loved my free group. However, it was getting harder and harder to support the members of my paid for groups and keep a free group going at the same time.

And the hardest part was holding myself back. Inside the free group, I had to force myself not to share every little bit of knowledge and information I had because that's not fair on the awesome guys who pay to be in my other groups and monthly Zen Productivity membership club.

The group members were so lovely about the closure and totally understood my reasoning, which made a tough choice easier to implement. I had actually been putting this off as I was so worried about the members reactions, but once I did the deed, there was nothing for me to worry about at all.

Isn't that always the case?!?

Cancelling memberships I don't use

I tallied up how many monthly membership clubs I was part of, and I was shocked. At some point I appear to have joined a lot of stuff. I know this has a lot to do with FOMO (fear of missing out) along with my total information andlearning addiction. However, I made some tough choices to cancel memberships where I'd not interacted for at least three months.

This was a good decision both financially and for my own sanity too!

Leave Facebook groups I don't intact in

This was another one where the sheer volume I was involved with shocked me!

As I cancelled some of my memberships, their associated Facebook groups went too, which helped. But there were still a lot on my Facebook Groups list which I had never interreacted in, and in some cases didn’t even remember joining. I actually enjoyed clearing this section of my Facebook out as I could clearly see the important groups I was part of and make these a priority to interact in during my week.

Cancelling financial drains and reviewing my expenses

This is something I like to do every quarter. I take a look at my regular business expenses and go through the decision process of Keep, Sort, Cancel for each one. I am always surprised by there being at least one thing I can remove from my outgoings each time. And to be honest, I shouldn't be surprised. I test a lot of stuff out in my business. Usually it's software claiming to be the best thing ever to keep you productive. And this part of my business, although it's fun for me because I'm a total productivity geek, it's also research, so you guys don't have to go through the same thing I do.

Dealing with stationery clutter

I know I said at the start that I'm a 'collector' rather than a hoarder. However, as far as stationery is concerned I think it may actually be the other way around. I seriously do not like to throw anything out that comes under the banner or stationery, art or craft supplies. And to be honest, I don't need to. However, what I needed was get it out of my office space. There's no need for me to be surrounded by 30 blank notebooks, no matter how pretty they are, as I can only use one or two at a time. My art supplies only need to come out when I'm doing arty stuff. So I spent some time clearing the surfaces and shelves and moving them into draws and cupboards instead.

Ahhh I can breathe again!

Unsubscribe from lots of emails

This is something else I like to do regularly. I sign up to lots of stuff. I can't help myself. Getting someone's newsletter is the best way to check them out, find out more about them, form a relationship and work out if you might purchase from, learn from or collaborate with in the future.

Feeling a bit disconnected?

So there we have it. A list of issues and solutions to my recent energy drains. It's amazing how this physical and digital de-clutter has changed how I was feeling. Before this things, were starting to feel as though they were coming in from all sides. It was a little claustrophobic and I was struggling to think straight some days.

If you're feeling that way out, you might find that taking stock of what's around you and have a clear out is just what you need.

Have a super productive day. 

Sarah ❤️


Do you have energy drains in your life or business which need sorting out? 

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How to Remove Energy Drains from Your Business