How I Save Time Batching my Social Media Memes

Working in batches is a massive time saver and one of my favourite tasks for this is creating social media memes. Check out my full process here.

How I Save Time Batching my Social Media Memes

How I Save Time

Batching my Social Media Memes

Can you be productive and social at the same time?

I recently wrote a guest blog for the lovely Beckie Coupe of Infinity where I talked about how to be more productive with your business social media.

Check out the article I wrote for Beckie here >> How to be more productive with your social medi

I will just give you my top tips in a nutshell:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others as this isn't a fair comparison
  2. Be selective and pick the platforms you want to work with and have one as your primary
  3. Schedule time to create content so you can get ahead and stop winging it
  4. Work in batches as this helps you get in the flow and work more efficiently
  5. And finally, use templates for your images

The last two points are something I will cover in more detail in this article as I show you exactly how I batch create my memes for my social media platforms. Even though I am using memes in this example you will find that the principles can still be applied to anything you create regularly for social media.

What is a meme?

The Productivity Princess Meme Example

If you don't know what a meme is then they're basically motivational images, sometimes with quotes or phrases and you will see them all over Facebook and Instagram.

Here's one of mine..

How do I create memes and save time?

I'm going to run through my meme creation process with you and although this process can be applied to other types of content too, I've picked memes as I know they form part of most business owners social media strategy so it's a good place to start.

The Process

Step 1 - Collect Quote and Phrases

I tend to do this over time and anything I read, see or hear that I know would be good to share gets logged in a Trello board ready for the next stage.

Here's an image of the board I use to collect my quotes and phrases. My board is really simple.

Trello Board for Meme Quotes
  • I have a list for draft quotes and phrases. This is where I log anything I read or see that I find interesting and I know would be good to share with my tribe.
  • I then have another list where I move the quote when I've created an image for it in Canva.

Another way of doing this would be to create lists to form different categories for example.

Step 2 - Add Quote text to an image template

I have a set of templates I use for my memes. I have already created 10 layouts to use. Each one has a slight difference which helps me find the right solution for the amount of text in the quote or phrase.

Here's a screenshot of my branded templates in Canva waiting for me to add my text and images.

Canva Meme Templates

Here's a bit of a closer look at some of my templates.

Can you see how simple they are?

This really does make life so much easier.

Meme Template 1
Meme Template 2
Meme Template 3

Step 3 - Source images

Now that I have my meme text inserted into my templates inside Canva, they need some images.

I now go to my primary image source, for me this is BigStock Photo, and I work through each meme using keywords to search for an appropriate image to match the quote but also stay in line with my brand.

The biggest time-saver for me here is having an image source which I pay for and that I know has plenty of images which are perfect for my business branding. In the past I have tried to save money by using free images sources, however it's always a time-consuming process. I see this as a massive waste of my time, so investing in an image library membership immediately made my meme creation (and anything else that requires images in my business) more productive.

If you have no idea where to start looking for your images, then I highly recommend grabbing hold of this free guide from Vicki Nicolson of Branding Therapy: 150 Ultimate Tools for Women Business Owners which includes a huge list of both free and paid for images sources.

Spending some time understanding your brand and finding the best image source to suit your needs, your budget and your business is really worth it, I promise.

Step 4 - Finish editing the images and download

Once all of my text and images have been inserted in to the Canva templates, I can scroll down and make sure everything matches my brand, the images I've chosen feel right, and that the layouts work for the text in each case. This is where I make any minor tweaks to get them just right before downloading them to my PC.

Step 5 - Filing

Do not……..I repeat……do not leave these images in your downloads folder. You've spent time creating these images and there is no reason why you can't use them again in the future. So let's file them somewhere they can be found again with ease and reused when needed.

On my PC, my memes can be found in this folder system:

  • Pictures
  • Social Media
  • Memes
  • Then a folder named by Month

What this allows me to do is keep track of my images and reuse them again but not too soon after they were last used.

For example, I've just spent a bit of time away on holiday. And rather than create a whole heap of new content for while I was away, I picked some images from my folders that were 4 or more months old. All I needed to do them was to schedule to content to cover my holiday period. Super simple.

Here's this month's memes sat in a folder on my PC waiting for me to use them when I need to.

How to file meme images on my computer

Step 6 - Add images to Trello ready for post text creation

Something I know about myself and this process is that creating the images in batches works great. However, creating the text for the posts in batches doesn't work as well.

When I write my posts too far in advance, they lose that personal touch and my engagement drops.

My solution to this is to then drop my images into a Trello board ready for the post text to be created just before I schedule my social media for the week ahead. This means I only write the text for two memes per week.

Here's the Trello board I have set up for my memes. As you can see I have 3 columns.

Trello board for memes
  • Images only - this is where I drop the edited images ready for the text to be written for each post
  • Text created - when I've written the text I most the card (image) into this column
  • Scheduled - this is where I move the card once I've scheduled the post into my social media management tool.

Here's the board with this month's images dropped into the images only list.

Images in a Trello Board

IMPORTANT: To show images in Trello

If you add an image to a Trello card and it doesn't show on the front of the card in the same way as it does in the above images then you may not have this feature enabled.

To do this, go to:

  • Show Menu
  • More
  • Settings
  • Select Card Cover Images Enabled
How to show images on a Trello card

Step 7 - Create Text

Now as I have already mentioned. I don't write the text for all of the images I create at once. I do this as I schedule my content for the week ahead.

I like to draft my text into the Trello card. This means I have a copy of it to reuse at anytime in the future and it also makes the scheduling process a cut and paste exercise which is super quick.

This is an image of the meme card, now open in Trello and as you can see I have drafted the text into the description box to use when I need to.

Drafting social media posts in Trello

Step 8 - Schedule to Social Media

To help keep me on track when I schedule my meme I have a little checklist inside the card which I use for each one.

Creating a checklist in Trello

How this process has saved me time

What I've done her is create a batch of around 10-15 memes in one go. However I only share 2 per week. So this batch of images will last me around 5-6 weeks.

  • I've saved time collecting quotes as I've done this as I see or read something inspiring
  • I've saved time creating the images by having a set of re-usable templates ready to copy and paste the text into
  • I've saved time sourcing the images as I only use one source which I pay for and this stops me hunting the internet for on-brand free images sources - this is something that can totally sap your will to live
  • I've also saved time creating the posts as I only write what I need for the week ahead of me. I can also pick and choose from the stock I've just created to find something appropriate to the social media conversation I am having that week

Have a super productive day

Sarah ❤️


Has my process inspired you with ways in which you can save time creating your own memes?

If so I would love to know.

Scroll right down to the bottom of the page to leave a comment.

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How I Save Time Batching my Social Media Memes