Goal Setting Doesn't Have to be Boring

I hate getting caught up in the New Year goal setting craziness, which I why I set and review my goals all year round. Let me show you how. 

Goal Setting Doesn't Have to be Boring

Goal Setting Doesn't Have to be


This article was originally published Sept 2016 and updated and republished Oct 2017. 

Goals are a great thing to have. They give you something to focus on and aim for. They give you targets to hit and surpass and they're a great way to measure how well you’re doing. 

However, I absolutely hate getting caught up in the 'New Year, new start, new goals' craziness which happens at the start of each year. 

When it gets to January, social media and email marketing is filled with advice on which goals you should set and what targets you should be aiming for. I almost feel bullied into doing this each year. Well, it's not happening again!. 

At the start of 2016, I spent waaaayy too many hours sat with my Leonie Dawson Business Planner, writing out my goals and dreams for the year ahead. And although I did enjoy doing this, I have never looked at it since. Which basically makes it a total waste of time. 

However, goals are important. Tracking your progress is important. And keeping a close eye on your stats is also important. 

But I refuse to get dragged along in the New Year, new start, new goals, new dreams BS as it doesn’t work for me. For some reason, it just creates a massive resistance which makes it impossible to do. 

So I have a solution. 

Fluid Goal Setting

Fluid goal setting means:

  • I don't need to wait until January to set my goals.
  • I don't need to set goals about things that aren’t relevant to me.
  • And I don't need to be doing it just because everybody else is!

Before writing this article, I had a look at what I’d written in my goal planner back at the start of the year. And something that was very clear, was how my goals had changed. 

There were items in there I did nothing with at all and don't plan to do anything with in the future either. In fact, most of the information was redundant and useless.  

It dawned on me just how fluid running a business actually is, and as such a fluid method of goal setting is required. 

Where do you start with setting goals? 

Start by making a list of goal categories that are relevant to your business. 

So for me, my categories consist of:

  • Financial Goals
  • Products & Services
  • Education and Self-Improvement
  • Business Development
  • List Building 
  • Social Media

Doesn't it look much simpler already?

Now it’s your turn. Just make a list of the areas of your business where you would like to see improvement and growth and this gives you the basis for setting goals and measuring progress. 

Monthly goal review

At the end of each month, I take out my list of goals for the previous month and update my progress and set goals for the month ahead. 

In fact, I host a live planning event on the 1st Tuesday of every month inside my Zen Productivity Membership Club, and I just love sharing my planning and goal setting inspiration with my members. You can find out more about Zen Productivity by clicking >>here<<

I’ve created a workbook which I run through during the live planning event to guide me through the categories I want to cover. 

For example, I run through the following:

  • Finances review and set new income goals
  • Breakdown of how I plan to achieve those income goals. 
  • My learning and development goals 
  • Business development goals 
  • Audience improvement goals such as list size and social media following 

I really like this method of goal setting as it works well with my ever-changing business. I know where my focus should be, what I am aiming for and it's not as daunting as a huge goal for the year ahead. 

So if you have always found goal setting hard to do or stick with, why not try something a little more flexible and see how it works for you. 

You don’t have to do this alone, check out Zen Productivity and join me and the other members of the club in planning a super productive goal orientated month. 

Have a super productive day

Sarah ❤️


How often do you currently set and review your business goals and targets?

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Goal Setting Doesn't Have to be Boring