12 Ways to get motivated when you just cant be bothered

Sometimes we just hit a wall and struggle to get anything done. So rather than scrolling mindlessly through your social media news-feed, here are 12 ways to get motivated when you just can’t be bothered. 

12 Ways to get motivated when you just cant be bothered

12 Ways to Get Motivated

When you just can't be bothered

1. Work for just 5 minutes

The act of sitting down to work for just 5 minutes is sometimes all we need to get us started and help us keep going.

2. Act motivated even if you’re not

So smile, sit up straight or get moving to wake up both your body and mind.

3. Plan tomorrow, tonight

Create a shot to-do list tonight for what you plan to do tomorrow. Knowing what needs doing when you start work in the morning can really add to your momentum and productivity

4. Use motivational quotes

Pick a quote which is both motivating and inspiring and use it to help you through your day.

5. Lift your mood with music

Feeling a bit glum? Playing your favourite music is a fab way to boost your mood, and a good feeling helps to create a productive day.

6. Listen to your favourite motivational speaker

Hop over to YouTube or TED Talks to watch your favourite coaches and gurus. I always find Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, JP Sears or Danielle LaPorte quite motivating. In fact, I dare you to watch 'I Am Not Your Guru' with Tony Robbins (you can find it on Netflix) and not feel motivated - it's impossible!

7. Don’t be a perfectionist

Aiming for perfect causes stress and procrastination and does nothing for our motivation. Don’t strive for perfect, instead just aim to get started and see where it takes you.

8. Remind yourself of why you do what you do

What are you working towards? Is it a new car, to take the kids on holiday, to have more free time? Whatever it is, make sure you've got it written down somewhere you will see it every day.

9. Visualise the task complete

Picture how it will feel once you have finished work for the day and accomplished what you set out to do. The feeling of success and accomplishment is a great motivator.

10. Take a break

Motivation isn’t endless, you will run out, so take a break, go for a walk and let yourself recharge. Sometimes a lack of motivation is actually the need to rest, however, don’t let this become a reason not to get things done. Be truthful with yourself about whether or not you are unmotivated or just tapped out.

11. Tell someone

If I feel the need for a motivational kick, I will post a comment into one of my business Facebook groups, and the replies I get from the wonderful members is usually all I need to get fired up again.

12. Celebrate your achievements

Don’t forget to review what you've accomplished at the end of each day. Acknowledging your success, no matter how big or small is a great way to motivate yourself for tomorrow.

Have a super productivity day. 

Sarah ❤️


Are there any get motivated tips that work for you? 

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12 Ways to get motivated when you just cant be bothered